Shampoos, coatshine and hoofoils

 Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo 500ml

Gallop Color Enhancing Shampoo contains cleaning agents, color enhancers, and optical brighteners to..

Canter Coat Gloss Spray 600ml

Canter Coat Shine Spray Conditions the coat whilst giving a long lasting natural shi..

Carr Day & Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser

CORNUCRESCINE DAILY HOOF MOISTURISER Step 3 of the Cornucrescine 3 step system for total h..

Carr Day and Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Barrier

Step 3 of the Cornucrescine 3 step system for total hoof care Option 3. Strengthens and supports ho..

Carr Day and Martin Cornuscrescine Hoof Oil with Tea Tree

Step 3 of the Cornucrescine 3 step system for total hoof care Option 4. Maintains and protects the ..

Carr Day and Martin Stain Master

Unbeatable for removing green spots and stable stains Description Ideal for removing dirt and ma..

Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Dressing 500ml

Promotes healthy hoof growth, nourishes and protects hoofs. Ideal for application to the entire h..

Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment 500ml

Maintains hoof condition, aids restructuring, also aids re-growth of hair Unique and..

Flexalan Sablene High Sheen Hoof Cream 450g

Flexalan Sablene High Sheen Hoof Cream Available in black and clear forms. Totally spill proof an..

Gallop Conditioning Shampoo

Gallop Conditioning Shampoo CDM Gallop Conditioning Shampoo is a great shampoo for r..

Good Quality Plaiting Bands

Excellent quality plaiting bands. The market leader, tried and tested for years. A must have for all..

Hibiscrub 500ml

Hibiscrub Hibiscrub is an antibacterial wash containing chlorhexidine gluconate which is effective ..

Ice-Blue Cooling Gel 500ml

Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue •Fast-acting gel in a pump dispenser for ease o..

Lincoln Black Hoof Grease

Containing a selection of oils and waxes, regular use of this product will help keep hooves in excel..