Grooming Kits and Brushes

Curry Comb Metal

Metal Curry Comb with wooden handle Available in small and Large

Fetlock Scissors

Curved Heavyweight stainless steel

Good Quality Plaiting Bands

Excellent quality plaiting bands. The market leader, tried and tested for years. A must have for all..

HY-Shine glitter mane and tail brush

Great sturdy brush, ideal for getting a perfectly groomed mane and tail Comfortable to hold &n..

KBF99 Antibacterial Body Brush

    The KBF99 Body Brush is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for the groom.&n..

KBF99 Antibacterial Curry Comb

The KBF99 Curry Comb has short plastic teeth to help loosen dirt, hair and other detritus.  ..

KBF99 Antibacterial Dandy Brush

The KBF99 Dandy Brush combines aesthetic prowess with exceptional functionality. With a comfortab..

Lincoln Plaiting Bands

Lincoln Plaiting Bands Approximately 500 per pack. Ideal for that winning look! Colours Black,..

Plastic Curry Comb

Pastic curry comb, available in Regular and mini size

Plastic Sweat Scraper

Plastic kite frame with rubber edge to remove excess water from the horse's coat.