spurs and spur straps

Compositi Hot Spur Kit 5 in 1 spur

HOTSPUR 5 IN 1 SPURS 5 different models in only one  spur ! Its asymmetric shape improv..

Compositi Spur End Set

REFILL HOTSPUR REFILL FOR HOTSPUR Refill for Hotspur product. Usage Beginn..

P.O.W Spurs

Stainless steel Prince of Wales Spurs. Available in a range of sizes for Adults and ..

Spur straps BR coated nylon ZDC buckle

Made from fine woven nylon with a special coating for a light glow and longer life span, with poured..

Spur straps Premiere leather

In a good quality leather riveted at buckle, 16 mm.

Spurs BR Impuls Pro Stainless Steel 25 mm

Impuls spurs with an innovative design. These Impuls Pro spurs have a ball made of one piece, comple..

Spurs BR Impuls stainless steel with rubber rollers 25 mm

The rollers of these spurs roll along the horse's body to give impulses without causing any pain. Th..

Spurs BR men blunt stainless steel with rubber protectors

Spurs BR men bluntend stainless steel with rubber protectors available in 25mm and 35mm neck..

Spurs BR men knob stainless steel with rubber protectors 25 mm

With knob end, stainless steel with rubber protectors.